Freeze dried and dehydrated foods are a lightweight, long shelf life source of food storage. Great for camping, hiking, all sorts of outdoor activities and most of all when a disaster hits.

With a shelf life of up to 20 years of longer food storage is a great investment as well as offering peace of mind. Just add water and heat it up with Lindon Farms Ready Fuel or Instafire (fire starter) from The ready project.

Everyday we hear or see of another disaster somewhere and some of us think “I REALLY SHOULD BE PREPARED”, WELL FOLKS IT IS TIME TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT.

It does not take much to have a store of food that will last you and your family for a month just in case a disaster strikes or if times get tough just add water and heat and dinners ready.

All of the food products we sell have a shelf life of a minimum 15 years +.

We also have available other survival items such as 3 day kits, first aid, tools and Less Than Lethal home defense.

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Long Term Food Storage Supplies